The EUBCE is the leading platform for the collection, exchange and dissemination of scientific and industrial know-how in the field of biomass.

The EUBCE combines one of the largest science and technology conferences with a high quality industry exhibition, attracting biomass professionals from around the globe.

The EUBCE is supported by European and international organizations such as the European Commission, UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Natural Sciences Sector, EUBIA – the European Biomass Industry Association, WCRE – the World Council for Renewable Energy and further organisations.

The Technical Programme is coordinated by the European Commission, Joint Research Centre.

The EUBCE provides:

  • A high-level Scientific Programme
  • Parallel events

and it attracts:

  • Participants from a wide-ranging background: researchers, engineers, technologists, standards organisations, policy and decision makers, financing institutions
  • Research & industrial exhibitors

Brief history and milestones

1980 Brighton

The 1st European Biomass Conference initiated by the European Commission, Directorate General for Research, Science and Education
“to bring together biomass experts from many countries, to provide a good picture of the most recent advances in research, development and application of biomass technologies for energy production”.

1996 Copenhagen

The First Biomass Technology Exhibition took place during the 9th European Biomass Conference.
Since then, the annual event has combined an international scientific conference with an industry exhibition held at different venues throughout Europe.

2000 Sevilla

The EUBCE hosted the 1st World Biomass Conference and Exhibition, jointly with the Biomass Conference of the Americas, with a strong collaboration between the European Commission and US DOE (Department of Energy) and Natural Resources Canada.

2004 Rome

The 13th EUBCE hosted the 2nd World Biomass Conference and Exhibition, jointly with the Biomass Conference of the Americas, in collaboration with US DOE (Department of Energy) and Natural Resources Canada.
The EUBCE is now established as one of the most important events for the biomass community worldwide in size, international acceptance and relevance.

Year City Conference General Chairman Technical Programme Chairman
1980 Brighton A. S. Strub, P. Chartier  
1982 Berlin A. S. Strub, P. Chartier, G. Schleser  
1985 Venice D. O. Hall W. Palz  
1987 Orléans Giuliano Grassi, J.-F. Molle  
1989 Lisbon Ghislain Gosse  
1991 Athens A. Collina  
1992 Florence  H. Scheer  
1994 Vienna Philippe Chartier  
1996 Copenhagen Stefan Hultberg  
1998 Würzburg H. Kopetz Philippe Chartier
2000 Seville S. Kyritsis, R. Costello, E. Hogan, E. Millich, W. Palz A. A. C. M. Beenackers
2002 Amsterdam W. Palz J. Spitzer
2004 Rome W. P. M. van Swaaij, P. Grabowski, E. Hogan T. Fjällström
2005 Paris Lars Sjunnesson Juan Carrasco
2007 Berlin Kyriakos Maniatis  
2008 Valencia Jürgen Schmid  
2009 Hamburg Giovanni Federigo De Santi Jean Francois Dallemand, Heinz Ossenbrink
2010 Lyon Josef Spitzer Jean Francois Dallemand, David Baxter, Heinz Ossenbrink
2011 Berlin Martin Faulstich Jean Francois Dallemand, David Baxter, Heinz Ossenbrink
2012 Milan Bernd Krautkremer Jean Francois Dallemand, David Baxter, Heinz Ossenbrink
2013 Copenhagen Anders Eldrup David Baxter
2014 Hamburg Clemens Hoffmann David Baxter
2015 Vienna Ingwald Obernberger David Baxter
2015 Shanghai (IBSCE) Giovanni De Santi, Zhenhong Yuan David Baxter
2016 Amsterdam André P.C. Faaij David Baxter
2017 Stockholm Lena Ek,  Henrik Ehrnrooth Nicolae Scarlat
2017 Shanghai (IBSCE) David Baxter  
2018 Copenhagen Michael Persson Nicolae Scarlat
2019 Lisbon Maria da Graça Carvalho Nicolae Scarlat
2020 Virtual Philippe Mauguin Nicolae Scarlat