Exposure for your EU Project

Working on an EU project:

of relevance to global biomass stakeholders?

interested in communication & dissemination?

Give the relevance of your project to biomass, I would like to suggest promoting this work during the 2021 European Biomass Conference & Exhibit.

EUBCE has been around for 29 editions and is the world largest conference and exhibit on biomass. e-EUBCE 2020 brought together over 2000 biomass and bioeconomy experts from over 80 countries. With its innovative digital platform, 2021 is expected to be even larger.

As a Master Exhibitor you would have the opportunity to:

  • Raise awareness about this effort with a large, relevant, influential, and global audience with minimal effort and no travel;

  • Disseminate your thinking, expected goals, and possible impact on the market, as well as on Green Deal targets;

  • Engage viewers in live discussions to generate buy-in, as well as, new ideas… and more.

To this end, the EUBCE 2021 virtual platform offers exhibitors:

  • Access to the full roster of registered viewers, as well as, the ability to invite them to one-on-one meetings;

  • A dedicated space for unlimited media uploads, such as brochures, presentations, and videos that can be streamed by any viewer in any time zone 24/7;

  • An interactive LIVE Stage for scheduled exhibitor presentations and participant engagement, as well as, topical chatrooms for recreational brainstorming.

For the full range of exhibitor benefits please see the brochure here.

To book a stand for your project please contact:
Clara Aguado
+39 055/5002280 ext.223

Sinuo Sun
+39 055/5002280 ext. 219