EU-Japan biomass seminar - Sustainable value chains for distributed bioenergy projects

In recent years, the use of wood and wood residues for heat and power production from small-scale decentralized plants has increased in Japan, thanks the adoption of a supportive National policy framework and to the availability of feed in tariffs for electricity. One of the technologies adopted is biomass gasification. Around 20 small-scale gasification plants are currently installed in Japan and more than 90 projects are in the planning phase, most of these installations are based on European technologies. Solutions are needed for adaptating those technologies to the specific site conditions and for the efficient utilization of the forest biomass available locally, in order to ensure a long-term sustainable development of this market sector.

Building on the outcomes of the 1st EU-Japan Small-Scale Biomass Gasification Seminar held in Hiroshima in January 2019, this event will gather experts from research and industry from both Europe and Japan, to discuss the challenges and the solutions for the implementation of efficient biomass value chains for decentralized bioenergy projects in Japan.

The agenda will include presentations on the following topics:

  • Mobilization and storage of woody biomass resources: state of the art in Europe and Japan and applicability to the local conditions.
  • Feedstock quality: biomass pre-treatment, characteristics and compliance with process requirements to maximize the plant’s availability in local conditions.
  • Efficient use of residual heat: combined heat and power, biomass drying, district heating and locally applicable solutions.
  • Processes, challenges and strategies for the valorisation of the solid and liquid by-products of small-scale biomass gasifiers (char and wood vinegar).

A final roundtable with panellists from both Europe and Japan will discuss the opportunities for international research, knowledge transfer and industrial cooperation for sustainable decentralized bioenergy projects in Japan.

The detailed agenda will be available soon.

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Europe: Sinuo Sun:

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15.15 – Welcome and Introduction
Chairmen: Maurizio Cocchi, Yukihiko Matsumura

Challenges with decentralized bioenergy projects in Japan
Yukihiko Matsumura, University of Hiroshima, Japan

Sustainable supply chains
Efficient logistic and quality monitoring of forest biomass for decentralized bioenergy
Tapio Ranta – Laappenranta University of Technology, Finland

Estimating availability of forest biomass with appropriate harvesting system according to geography and road network for efficient and cost-effective biomass mobilization in Japan
Kazuhiro Aruga – Department of Forest Engineering in Utsunomiya University, Japan

Assessing sustainable energy systems with application to biomass for rural areas in Japan
Toshihiko Nakata – Tohoku University, Japan

From biomass CHP to poly-generative systems: perspectives for gasification
Marco Baratieri – Free University of Bolzano, Faculty of Science and Technology, Italy


Challenges and strategies for efficient valorization of local biomass
Present situation and problems of small-scale biomass gasification plants in Japan
Kenichi Sasauchi – Peo-Bio co. ltd.

Gasification biochar from small-scale gasifiers and its applications as catalyst support
Vittoria Benedetti, Free University of Bolzano, Faculty of Science and Technology, Italy

Building a sustainable rural community with forest management and renewable energy integration- The case of Nishiwakura village, Okayama prefecture
Kohei Izutsu – Sonraku inc., Japan

Methodologies for the monitoring of small-scale gasification CHP-systems and feedstock related performance assessment
Stefan Martini – Bioenergy 2020+ GmbH

Bioenergy and biofuel strategies and activities at NEDO
Nobuko Ueno, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, Japan (invited)

17.45 – Question time and moderated discussion
Moderators: to be announced
The moderated discussion is open to researchers, manufacturers, technology providers and plant operators. Topics: manufacturers and operator’s views and experiences with local bioenergy projects in Japan; needs and solutions for plant performance monitoring; needs and solutions for knowledge transfer, proposals for next steps.
18.30 End

Monday 27 May

15:15 – 18:30 | Room: 5C

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Europe: Sinuo Sun:

Japan: Prof. Yukihiko Matsumura:


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