Enhanced catalytic fast pyrolysis of biomass for high-quality biofuels (EnCat)

The main results of the EraNet-ENCAT project will be presented at this event. The Enhanced Catalytic Pyrolysis (EnCat) project has developed a new concept for the production of high-quality bio-oil from biomass. In this concept the biomass is first pre-treated by washing and then pyrolysed in a reactor making use of deoxygenation catalysts. Simultaneously, CO2 will be captured with sorbents and via the water-gas-shift reaction in-situ hydrogen will be produced. After cleaning, the oil vapours will be mildly hydrogenated to produce a high-quality bio-oil. The high-quality oil is characterized and used for combustion tests in a gas turbine for combined power and heat generation.


15.15-15.25         Introduction ENCAT-project, Gerrit Brem, UTwente

15.25-15.45         Biomass feedstock quality improvement by leaching of alkaline and alkaline earth metals, Thomas Brunner, BIOS

15.45-16.05         Catalytic pyrolysis for in-situ deoxygenation, Devy K. Ratnasari, KTH

16.05-16.25         Sorption enhanced catalytic pyrolysis, Harsha Mysore Prabhakara, UTwente

16.25-16.45         Combustion of pyrolysis oil in the OPRA gas turbine, Thijs Bouten, OPRA

16.45-17.00         BREAK

17.00-17.20         Characterization and hydrogenation of pyrolysis oil, Agata Czardybon, IChPW

17.20-18.00         Atomization and combustion of pyrolysis oil in a gas turbine, Artur Pozarlik, UTwente

18.00-18.25         System design and analysis of the overall ENCAT process, Anton Bijl

18.25-18.30         Concluding remarks

18.30                     END of workshop


15:15 – 18:30



Gerrit Brem

Dept of Thermal Engineering

University of Twente


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