BE-Sustainable is the official source of news of the EUBCE.

Every year EUBCE Committee selects more than a thousand prestigious scientific and industry contributions written by authors from more than 60 countries worldwide. All selected contributions have been published in Conference proceeding and online scientific publications amounting to thousands of pages of citable scientific and industry contents.

This hard work lead us to take on the challenge of editing and publishing a journal in the biomass sector to address and propagate the scientific targets of the European Biomass Conference to a wide audience with a broad interest in the bioenergy sector.

The aim of BE Sustainable is to discuss the challenges and the solutions to secure a sustainable supply of biomass, highlighting innovative systems and technologies, presenting the results of the most advanced demonstration projects and monitoring trends, market and policies across the world that are shaping the bioenergy industry and developing the bioeconomy.

All of these topics are extensively discussed each year by leading experts at the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, an event that has always contribute to foster dialogue and cooperation among research, industry and policy makers in the biomass community.

The content of BE Sustainable is based on a selection of some of the most relevant and cutting-edge contributions presented during EUBCE.

BE-Sustainable is also source of news, information and resources on biomass, bioenergy and the bioeconomy.

The acknowledged importance of bioenergy in the current and future energy scenario, as well as the emerging role of bio-based economy are fuelling a global and lively debate on the challenges and the opportunities offered by the use of biomass resources for the transition to a low carbon economy.

This publication is an effort to contribute to this debate by bringing as much science and fact-based content to a wide audience of readers, inside and outside the biomass community, as well as to provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge and to go ahead with progress and development of a sustainable biomass sector.

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