Applying for scientific journal publication

Each year, a limited number of selected abstracts from each topic will be invited to be peer reviewed for potential publication in high impact journals.
These publications will be in addition to the publication in the conference proceedings.
If you would like your abstract to be considered for inclusion in high impact scientific publications, follow the standard application process through the online portal (, and also make sure to conclude the following steps before the submission deadline of 20 November 2020:

● Check the box specifying your desire to apply for peer review; and
● Ensure that your abstract is a minimum (and maximum) of 4 full A4 pages with content following the guidelines in section 4.1 of this toolkit.

Note: If selected, a full paper will need to be supplied on short notice

Two journals release special issues with full length papers after each conference

Biomass and Bioenergy publishes a number papers following the full refereeing process of the journal. Authors can ask for papers to be published in the Biomass and Bioenergy special issue (CiteScore = 6.6; Impact Factor = 3.551), and at the abstract approval stage recommendations for selected papers to be submitted.

The journal Energies (CiteScore = 3.18; Impact Factor = 2.702) produces a special issue comprising papers either recommended by the editors or offered by authors who have made a presentation at the annual EUBCE conference. Papers are fully refereed, and with the journal prioritising online publication, open access is usually achieved typically within 50 days of first submission.

The official Conference Proceedings nowadays contain most of the contributions submitted to the conference, 463 in 2020. All accepted papers of plenary, oral and visual presentations are published on-line with a full open access policy on the EUBCE Proceedings website. The full papers included in the proceedings are indexed by SCOPUS and coded by a digital identifier (DOI code). This guarantees an unequivocal and permanent identification and citability.

Proceedings Publication Policy: Open Access

All submitted full papers of plenary, oral and visual presentations will be published on-line in the EUBCE Conference Proceedings.

Since the first conference, the EUBCE Proceedings have delivered access to new R&D results, with a high level of scientific and technical quality.

We made an important improvement by including the proceedings in Scopus (since the 2016 conference), the largest abstracts and citation database. The EUBCE proceedings are already included in WOS – Conference Proceedings Citation Index – Science, formerly ISI Proceedings (2014 edition).

A series of further measures have been implemented, aimed at maintaining and enhancing the status of the EUBCE Proceedings.

These include:

  • Adoption of a full open access policy (including all proceedings since the 2010 conference), so that the proceedings are fully searchable (and citable) online as soon as published
  • Use of all available media tools to underline the quality of the Proceedings, stressing the peer review of the extended abstracts and the technical review of all submitted papers
  • Previous Online Proceedings have been submitted for indexing to the online research platform Google Scholar
  • The full papers of the Proceedings have already been indexed with digital object identifiers (DOI) since 2010.


The Conference proceedings are indexed in Scopus


Conference Proceedings


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