Since 2000 EUBIA, the European Biomass Industry Association, gives its annual prize to companies  who demonstrated an high effort in supporting biomass development at commercial and industrial level.

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EUBIA AWARD 2019 winner is

BTG – Biomass Technology Group B.V.

This year BTG-BTL was awarded the first international order for a production facility in Finland, which will produce 20 million litres of pyrolysis oil per year from sawdust. It is expected that the construction of this facility in Finland will generate 100 full-time jobs – said Giuliano Grassi, EUBIA Secretary General, while delivering the prize. This is a successful example of how some decades of continuous commitment, research, development and innovation can lead to clean energy, jobs and growth from biomass in a sustainable way.

The EUBIA Award 2019 has been handed over to René Venendaal, BTG Biomass Technology Group, Chief Executive Officer

List of awarded organizations and individuals 2000-2018

2018 – NGF Nature Energy – Denmark – For its contribution as largest biogas producer in Denmark and a wonderful example of a green transformation of the gas sector.

2017 – Amec Foster Wheeler  UK – For its contribution to large-scale Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion Technology applied to biomass

2016 – Novamont – Italy – For the contribution to a sustainable green chemistry sector development at industrial level

2015 – Ingelia S.L. – Spain – For the contribution to a sustainable waste biomass valorisation by bringing Hydrothermal Carbonisation Technology on Industrial scale

2014 – Mossi & Ghisolfi – Italy – For the merit of bringing lignocellulosic ethanol production on industrial scale

2013 – Arkema – France – For its research and development activities in the field of bioresources and biosourced materials

2012 – AB Powder Burners – Sweden – For its large biomass activity and job opportunities creation in Sweden

2011 – Vattenfal – Germany – For the strong efforts to introduce biomass on a large scale

2010 – E.On Gasification – Sweden – For its important efforts into gasification development at industrial level

2009 – Schmack – Germany – For excellence in biogas operation

2008 – Global Green – Portugal – For its Sweet Sorghum commercial project initiative

2007 – Ford Europe – For its Flexible fuel vehicles manufactory

2005 – ECOTRE & Co. – Italy – For the development of a new pelletization technology

2004 – World Bank – USA – For his efforts to promote Bioenergy in Africa

2002 – Coper Sucar – Brasil – For Bioethanol production support activity

2000 – Ensyn Technology – Canada – For Flash Pyrolysis promotion in Europe