Industry Committee

The industry experts select abstracts suitable to promote, support and stimulate the market deployment of new and innovative energy technologies while at the same time addressing key policy initiatives.

Status of 07/12/2020

Kyriakos MANIATIS – Industry Committee Coordinator, Former European Commission, DG ENER


Advances in Non-food crops cultivation
Myrsini CHRISTOU – Center for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving, GR

Advances in Large Scale Combustion & Gasification
Antti ARASTO – VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, FI

Advances in Small Scale Thermochemical Conversion

Advances in Biogas/Biomethane
Arthur WELLINGER – Triple E&M, CH

Advances in Fast Pyrolysis
Bert VAN DE BELD – BTG Biomass Technology Group, NL

Advances in Bio-fossil fuels
Phillipe MARCHAND – Former Total (France), FR

Advances in Low Carbon Fuels
David CHIARAMONTI – Polytechnic of Turin, IT

Advances in  Hydrogen & Fuel cells in Bioenergy
Nikolaos LYMPEROPOULOS  – Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Joint Undertaking(FCH), BE

Advances in Biobased Products
René VAN REE – Wageningen UR-Food & Biobased Research, NL

Bioeconomy Advances in China
Shizhong LI – Tsinghua University, CN

Bioeconomy Advances in India
RAMAKRISHNA – Independent Consultant, IN