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Quality has always been the focus of Awite. Since the company was founded in 2000, we have been manufacturing gas analysis systems and creating process automations of the highest quality according to individual requirements. Besides, in the field of research and development, we are offering individual laboratory facilities in our top Awite quality.

In Lisbon we will present our new developed lab system, the AwiLAB Digester, which was especially designed to offer an all-in facility to our clients.

AwiLAB Digester

– stand alone or module-based, up to 7 fermenter

– high-quality industrial design of the entire system

– stainless steel fermenter with integrated heating system

– Helix-Stirrer: Interval and continuous mixing, customer specific configuration

– fully integrated gas analysis system  AwiFLEX

– different modes for inoculums adaptation, outgassing phase and test execution configurable

– generous sensors, such as fermenter temperature, flow measurement, gas composition, and more

Areas of application

– continuous lab tests

– analysis of biogas yields and gas composition

– additive and enzyme testing

– and more

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With our subsidiaries and long-term partner companies worldwide, we at Awite are your competent partner for sales and service of our products. Our global network enables us offering suitable solutions in many countries and continents. We are looking forward meeting you at the conference.

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