Advanced Biofuel Production with Energy System Integration

This half-day side event is delivered by the Horizon 2020 and ECRIA project AMBITION and is available to all delegates attending EUBCE 2019.
There is a growing demand for solutions that provide integration and flexibility in the European energy system. The AMBITION project creates a bridge between two forms of energy carrier – grid electricity and biofuels. CO2 from current energy systems and industrial production could be utilised as a carbon source and alternative to sequestration. These integration approaches create flexibility between intermittent electricity and sustainable fuel production, optimising the valorisation of peak renewable electricity and enabling production of sustainable biofuels in economically competitive conditions.
This workshop includes expert speakers from across AMBITION’s European partners and leading research institutes. It is an opportunity to discover the progress made by AMBITION in Advanced Biofuel Production and Energy System Integration and join in the conversation about Europe’s sustainable energy future.
Energy and biofuels stakeholders attending EUBCE 2019 in Portugal are invited to attend this free side event, to network and exchange views, ideas and knowledge in pursuit of a sustainable future for bio-based fuels. For more information about AMBITION, visit


9:00 Welcome & Registration

9:10 Introduction to AMBITION, Bernd Wittgens (SINTEF), AMBITION Project Co-ordinator

AMBITION Research Topics

9:30 Exploring Organosolv Pre-treatment, Florbela Carvalheiro (LNEG)

9.50 Gasification for Fermentation, Berend Vreugdenhil (ECN>TNO)

10.10 Fermentation of partially purified syngas from the i-Milena plant at ECN.TNO and from the bioliq® plant at KIT, Anke Neumann, KIT

10.30 Coffee Break


10.45 – Energy System Integration for Future Biofuel Production, Nicolaus Dahmen (KIT)

11.00 – Discussion Groups — Research Needs Towards Implementation

11.45 – Knowledge Exchange — Discussion Presentations

12.05 – Concluding Words and Closing Address

Thursday 30 May

9:00 – 12:30 | Room: 5C

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Contact person:

Bernd Wittgens,
AMBITION project coordinator,

Florbela Carvalheiro


To attend this event please make a regular conference registration for at least the day of the event.
Please note that this Programme may be subject to alteration and the organisers reserve the right to do so without giving prior notice.