Small and medium-scale CHP from biomass: Horizon 2020 projects and the BIOCOGEN-2030 platform

Total EU-28 energy demand for Heating and Cooling (H/C) equals 51% of the total final energy demand. Installed electricity generation capacity by CHP in the EU-28 is about 11% of EU electricity demand and 16% of final industrial heat demand. Renewables, mainly biomass and biomass waste, are becoming increasingly important having attained 20% of the CHP market. As an economically viable means to increase further grid penetration of solar and wind energy, power generation from biomass as a grid balancing option is expected to continue to increase significantly. Residual biomass is undoubtedly a resource that can meet sustainability and environmental impact criteria and fulfil EU targets for 2030 and 2050, especially if efficient, environment-friendly and low-cost plants will be developed.

Funded within the EU Horizon 2020 programme, BLAZE project aims to achieve these targets through the integration of gasification in a fluidized bed with a solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) system developing a new generation of Biomass CHP power plant.

At EUBCE 2020, BLAZE partners will launch BIOCOGEN 2030, a dedicated Stakeholder platform where companies and research bodies can gather to exchange information and good practices with the ultimate goal to favour the market uptake of small-scale Bio-CHP. The platform will work as a permanent open network, creating links, opportunities and organizing workshops in Brussels (at the premises of EUBIA) on technological, regulatory and economic aspects of small-scale Bio-CHP plants.


Intro and refreshments

Presenting the meeting

The state of Cogeneration in the EU, an industry perspective
Cogen Europe, Solid Power

The experience of EU funded projects
BLAZE, W2G & W2W, SOFCOM, DEMOSOFC, other (to be agreed)

Presentation of the Stakeholder Platform for small scale cogeneration from biomass


10:30 – 12:30

Live Stage, Exhibition Area



Giulio Poggiaroni


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