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EUBCE 2019 Closing

On Thursday 30th May in Lisbon, Portugal, the EUBCE 2019, European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, closes a record edition, after 4 days in which the whole worldwide community of the biomass world, from politics to research and technology, met to face the challenges of the climate change and focus on the role of biomass in delivering the Paris targets and sustainable development goals.

EUBCE in numbers:

1.106 abstract from 70 countries

1.766 delegates from 81 countries

More than 900 presentations

+28% Participants

+16% Presentations

Here are some statements and quote from the Conference Closing.

Maria DA GRAÇA CARVALHO, EUBCE Conference General Chair, European Commission, Directorate-General Research and Innovation, Member Scientific Advice Mechanism Unit, just promoted to MEP (Member of European Parliament). 
“EUBCE 2019 has been a fantastic forum for exchange of knowledge and information in the area of Biomass and Bioenergy including scientists, industrialists, policy makers, and NGOs. The Conference covered a variety of issues, such as the contribution of biomass to the Paris targets, the sustainability of biomass and the importance of the science-based policy making in the area of biomass.”

Tiago Oliveira, Agif, President of the National Agency for Forestry
“I’m constantly have been tested for environmental emergencies. I was outside research, but providing competence at national level: setting up a system against fires.
In the first half of the 20th century Portugal’s forests were part of everyday rural life and the forests were looked after. With the arrival of petrol and diesel engines people changed their priorities. A lot of them left the countryside. Forests suffered neglect. Combined with climate change the fire risks grew; an accident waiting to happen. Then we had the fires disaster of 2017. Now Portugal has started new management to reduce the risk of fires and at the same time use forest residues for new bioenergy projects.”

Giovanni DE SANTI, European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Director of the Directorate for Sustainable Resources made a Keynote Speech on the topic “From Biomass to Bioeconomy for a new Sustainability in Europe”

“Sustainable Development is the core of EU policy agenda. Rapid transition towards a new sustainable, circular and low carbon economy is crucial.

The recently updated Bioeconomy Strategy paves the way to a more innovative, resource efficient and competitive society. The European Commission’s Knowledge Centre for Bioeconomy will play a key role, by enhancing the knowledge base for policymaking, pulling together the knowledge and expertise needed to assess the status, progress and impact of the bioeconomy.

The bioeconomy we want in the EU, and in fact globally, must to be sustainable and as circular as possible. The transition towards a circular bioeconomy will need all stakeholders, at regional, national, EU and international level. The biomass community can provide key support to this transition, expanding its horizons and creating new networks.”

Kristell GUIZOUARN, Director for New Energies and European Affairs Avril Group, EEB – European Biodiesel Board President
“It is a great honour to accept hosting the next EUBCE event in France in 2020.

Most people in the biomass field know that France is already taking advantage of a very wide range of possibilities to use biomass in a sustainable way to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions according to the Paris Agreement. Climate change affects us all and is already leading to disasters in many parts of the world. More frequent extreme weather violent storms, flooding and melting of the ice caps.

EUBCE is one of the leading events in the world to look at how we can direct our innovation skills to use biomass as a renewable fuel to move to a low-carbon society. EUBCE covers an almost unlimited scope of biomass topics as well as circular economy for building emerging bioeconomy.

The key challenge of the biomass community now is to ensure the most beneficial integration of biomass production and utilisation, especially with the forestry and agriculture sectors.

I am very confident that France will provide the perfect location for all to come together as the EUBCE family in 2020.”

Nicolae SCARLAT, European Commission, Technical Programme Chairman
From my position as Chairperson of the EUBCE Scientific Committee I would like to congratulate the more than 1.000 contributors of abstracts to the conference.

Work preparing the Lisbon conference programme that stared in November last year has been very rewarding due to the very high quality of the final product, four days of intense assessment of research and development results.

Reports of the growing achievements of industry now building some of the first generation of commercial scale facilities.

And of course there were numerous constructive and sometimes challenging discussions within the wider community concerned with sustainable use of biomass.
The biomass community is moving smoothly towards completing the components of a circular economy and in building the base of the future bioeconomy.”

David BAXTER, Former European Commission, Joint Research Centre
“EUBCE 2019 has been a particularly successful conference. We not only received a record number of contributions to the programme, but we could clearly see that the research and development sectors are vibrant, and despite a policy environment that has provided little new support to biomass utilisation over the last decade, industry is nevertheless approaching commercial size production capacities with technologies that we had not thought possible just a few years ago. We are also very pleased to see the increasing number of high quality young researchers join the battle against climate change.”

The 28th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition will take place in France.

Further information:

The EUBCE Conference programme is coordinated by the European Commission Joint Research Centre. The event is supported by European and international organizations such as the European Commission, UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Natural Sciences Sector, WCRE – the World Council for Renewable Energy, EUBIA – the European Biomass Industry Association, CEI – The Central European Initiative, FNR – Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe, GBEP – Global Bioenergy Partnership, and other organizations,  Biofuels Platform, Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP), Leaders of Sustainables Biofuels (LSB), UNICA Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association.

EUBCE is part of the EU Green Week 2019.

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ADENE – Agência para a Energia
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