Bioenergy towards 2030

Needs and opportunities for research and innovation to meet the targets for the next decade

The EU is advancing towards its 2020 and 2030 energy and climate targets. It also continues to build an Energy Union with secure, affordable and climate-friendly energy. In 2018, a series of EU policy initiatives will shape the post 2020 environment for bioenergy and renewables in general. Besides the negotiations on the Renewable Energy Directive, the plan for the implementation of Action 8 (Renewable fuels and bioenergy) of the EU Strategic Technology Plan will be defined. In addition, the preparatory work for the elaboration of the post Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme is progressing, and a first proposal for FP9 is expected in the first half of the year. All together these initiatives will contribute to setting the context for bioenergy in the next decade.

In the first part, the event will focus on the role of bioenergy in the scenario of the EU Energy Union and what should be the priorities in research and innovation to meet the targets for bioenergy included in the SET-Plan. In the second part, the event will inform about the current status of the discussion for the planning of the new EU programme for research and innovation related to renewable energy (FP9). A final panel and open discussion will be organized, to collect expert’s views and recommendations for bioenergy related topics and actions in the FP9.

Agenda to be announced

Wednesday 16 May, 13:30 - 16:45

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Maurizio Cocchi
ETA-Florence Renewable Energies


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