Stand Opportunities

We offer a wide range of solutions for companies and organizations that wish to participate at the 25th EUBCE as exhibitors: it is possible to book a fully equipped pre-built stand or to rent the plain exhibition space for the set-up of one’s own structure. A wide array of versatile sizes and positions are available to suit your needs and offer you the best possible visibility during the event. 

Full Service Package

Classic shell scheme booth, fully customisable and equipped with all the basic items you will need for establishing a successful exhibition space in which to showcase your products and activities. We offer basic stands starting from 9 square meters* complete with:

  • White wall elements
  • White fascia with company name on all open sides
  • Carpet tiles in one color
  • 1 spotlight per 4m²
  • 2KW electricity daytime power incl. consumption for 4 days and 1 wall socket
  • Daily stand cleaning
  • Waste bin
  • 1 table and 3 chairs 
  • Storage (1m x 1m) with lockable folding door is available as an additional option
  • 1 FREE   Full-Week Conference admission  every 9m² of booked stand space

Full Service Package € 310/m²

* A limited  number of 6m² stands will also be available: please contact us directly for further details


Raw Space Service Package

 If you wish to participate to the exhibition with your own stand, it is also possible to book a plain exhibition surface on which to assemble your own booth structure.

  • Exhibition surface space
  • 2 KW electricity daytime power incl. for 4 days and 1 wall socket, basic cleaning
  • 1 FREE Full-Week Conference admission  every 9m² of booked stand space

Raw Space € 265/m²


Exhibitor Starter Point (5m²)

The Starter Point option offers the opportunity to exploit a reduced exhibition space to ensure your presence and visibility at the event without  booking a complete stand. Various Starter Point locations will be set-up, comprising a small information desk and a column of 5 panels (approx. 1m x 1m x 3m each)  behind it to append your printed materials ( e.g. posters) and to store your materials.

Participating with a  Starter Point will ensure your inclusion in the exhibitors’ list and various other services reserved for our exhibitors. The package includes:

  • 5m² Carpet tiles in blue colour (or other colour)
  • 5 Wall elements 100x250 cm high
  • 1 Lockable door
  • 1 High chair
  • 1 Brochure rack
  • 1 Counter
  • 1 Spot on arm
  • 1 Logo / namepanel
  • 2KW electricity daytime power invl. consumption for 4 days and 1 wall socket
  • Daily stand cleaning

Exhibitor Starter Point € 1650


Included in all package types:

Inclusion in printed exhibitors’ list distributed at the event 

  • Log, Organisation's description, Contact details

Visibility for Exhibitors on the EUBCE Website

  • Online List of Exhibitors
  • Organisation’s description
  • Link to the exhibitor’s website
  • Layout plans incl. stand numbers

Use of shared WiFi connection included

Visitor Marketing
The exhibitor receives:

  • Visitor information brochures
  • Download of official banners
  • Download of official EUBCE logo

Press & Media Services

  • Worldwide distribution of information about exhibition and event to specialized press and social media channels
  • Exhibitors’ press kits: exhibitors can exposure their press related information (press releases) on the dedicated shelves in the press office during the event
  • Option: exhibitors information can be posted in social media channels of EUBCE
  • Event organiser’s press kit including: information material distributed during the event, providing press related information for journalists and media representatives
  • ‘Exhibitors’ Information’: product innovations of exhibitors collected and distributed with the press kits ‘Information Material’ to all journalists and media representatives during the event

The organiser also provides support by:

  • Worldwide advertising
  • Distribution of visitor information brochures

For all information please contact Clara Aguado at or call +39 055 5002280 ext. 223.

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