What participants say about us

"Only major scientific biomass&bioenergy conference in Europe."

"It is a good general conference about biomass and bioenergy."

"A very big conference, containing many informative sessions, great occasion for networking."

"A well organized "must attend" event if you are active in the bioenergy sector."

"Very informative display of research and technology in terrestrial and aquatic biomass from around the world."

"It was amazing place and I met a lot useful people for my research work. Many thanks to conference!"

"Great chance to network and good overview on current research."

"A lot of learning and the Congress was beyond my expectations."

"State of the art, Comprehensive and punctual conference."

"An overview of the trends in biomass industry, policy and academia."

"Biomass from cradle to grave..."

"It is nice event to meet foreign partners and see what the other are doing and follow the progress."

"An excellent overview of the scientific points of interest and trends at the biomass sector."

"Europeans biggest and most important biomass conference."

"Good conference, especially B2B matchmaking was great and helpful for making of contacts for future."

"You have to attend this conference to ensure that your research is relevant to industry and the wider scientific community."

"A great networking opportunity for all researchers in the bioenergy field."

"A good conference for researchers to share all the ideas & the knowledge on their interest topic."

"Interesting as a conference and a good networking opportunity."

"Excellent organisation and structure, great opportunities for networking & getting up to date information on the major research issues and industrial progress for biomass, bioenergy, biofuels and bioeconomy."

"A complete Event on biomass topics."

"I attend the first time and I was very impressed!"

"Always interesting."

"It was worth to be there!"

"Very informative in terms of industrial perspective, which is really great for biomass future."

"Excellent conference more science-industry oriented."

"The Biomass event."

"This is one of the best conference in EU about biomass."

"An annual European event addressing the challenges of developing the future bioeconomy."

"One of the best networking platform."

"Packed with knowledgeable and accessible bioenergy experts."

"A great european biomass event."

"Rich in informations with the attendance of notorious speakers."

"Annual check point of the progress made on biomass conversion for a more sustainable future."

"Nice learning platform on biomass utilization techniques."

"Excellent event."

"EUBCE brings people from the Biomass world together."

"Memorable for me as an Asian participant."

"The great conference."

"EUBCE is an excellent opportunity for an update on trends and innovations in the industry. Pleasant atmosphere for networking."

"The best European biomass event."

"Comprehensive exposition of the bioenergy field that includes both industrial and scientific contributions."

"Very broad biomass conference handling very different topics and as such opening your view on biomass issues."

"Well organized focused event."

"A great week with many presentations and a real opportunity to open new horizons."

"Bioenergy under one umbrella."

"Informative and extremely encouraging in developing work in the biomass area."

"Well organized conference."

"Scientific & Technical advances in the area of biomass utilization for products and services."

"Professional meetingplace for stakeholders in bioenergy development."

"An inter/trans disciplinary event to understand where research can meet policy makers and industry needs."

"A conference for industrial partners."

"Informative, Well - knowledge transfer, New Prospect from rest of the world."

"Interesting under scientific point of view and partecipants."

"That was a great moment for us to meet collegues and industries promoting innovation in bioenergy, to learn about new developments and exchange ideas. The organisation og EUBCE was excellent and the quality of the presentations really high. We also found the poster session extremely interesting."

"The most important biomass conference in Europe."

"Very well organized conference that covered a broad spectrum of topics ranging from the engineering and science to the policy of biomass utilization."

"The premier European biomass conference."

"A place to know A to Z of biomass, from science, technology, businesses, and policies."

"An innovative networking event in the biomass and renewable energies field."

"A large well established meeting point with linking science with business."

"A link between the academic inspiration and the implementation by the industry."

"The EUBCE was a very comprehensive conference on all biomass topics presenting the latest information and technology, including potential technology from all over the world."

"Big conference with a focus on biomass and how to convert into somthing useful for a reduced net Co2 emmission."

"A conference merging science, technology and policy."

"EUBCE is a very good appointment to have a clear snapshot of european and even global biomass industry trends."

"A good way to assess the state of developement of biomass based processes."

"It was a conference which covered almost all aspects of biomass as a renewable source (scientific, technological, industrial, economic, politic and soocial). This has not been the characteristic in other conferences."

"Providing good opportunity to promote new ideas and find partners."

"A good place to see others scientists and industries working on my researches flied."

"Event that opens mind on how to realize a future based on bioenergy."

"It is THE place to be to learn all aspects of European biomass and renewable energy activities."

"EUBCE is worthwhile to attend by all  who concerned with the future."

"It is an effective and fruitful event."

"EUBCE is one of the leading events for biomass use world wide."

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