The European Biomass Conference and Exhibition has grown from a humble, small research community biomass conference more than 30 years ago to a well-established international conference tackling challenges ranging from biomass production, to biomass conversion to bioproducts, biofuels and to bioenergy, environmental, economic and social impacts of biomass utilization, to industrial implementation of technologies and to the political policies supporting a shift away from fossil fuels economies that has resulted in serious climate change impacts. For all of these topics, integration of processes, technologies and value chains has always been necessary not only to ensure the most efficient use of the limited biomass resource, but to enable economic viability. The ultimate step of integration is a fully functioning bioeconomy. A bioeconomy of a kind existed in pre-industrial, pre-fossil fuel times around two centuries ago, and finally a modern bioeconomy is emerging. The 28th EUBCE in Marseilles in June 2020 will fully integrate bioeconomy into its conference programme. In effect, the 28th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition will mark the transition to a fully integrated European Bioeconomy Conference and Exhibition.

In 2020 the conference will include key sessions that will dig deep into the structure, components and role of the emerging bioeconomy not only in Europe, but across the world. There will of course be many of the established features of EUBCE conferences and there will be plenty of opportunities for example to present, to listen to and to discuss the fine details of technology developments, opportunities for mitigation of adverse environmental impacts and political policy debates. Research results from all stages of development will continue to form the core of the conference for many of the participants. But above all, the clear and undoubted thread that will run through the conference will be bioeconomy, the thread that links all facets of the growth and utilization of biomass both now, and more importantly as we make progress to the future.

The organisers of the 28th EUBCE would like to invite all active workers in the field of biomass utilization, and indeed all people with an interest in being part of the emerging bioeconomy, to attend the event in April 2020 in Marseilles, France.