The Poster Awards 2019 ceremony is one of the highlights of the Conference Closing, placing emphasis on the most outstanding Visual Presentations of each topic.

For the 27th EUBCE, Prof. Dimitrios Sidiras, University of Piraeus, Greece, Programme Committee member, will coordinate the review experts who will assess the quality of the poster contents reported and the quality of the graphic presentation.

Dimitrios Sidiras
University of Piraeus, Industrial Management and Technology, GREECE
Best Visual Presentation Awards 2019 Coordinator

Poster Awards 2018 winners

O.-J. Korpinen, M. Aalto, H. Ovaskainen, P. Venäläinen, T. Ranta
Pulpwood Terminals and Their Potential to Support Biomass Supply to Power Plants in Eastern Finland

N.R. Vechi, L.M. Agneessens, L.D.M. Ottosen, A. Feilberg, M.V.W. Kofoed
In-Situ Biogas Upgrading: Contribution of Homoacetogenesis to Methane Production.

M.S. Soll, Y.K. Kim, I.W. Watanabe, Y.-K. Park
Catalytic Co-Pyrolysis of Biomass and Plastics over Microporous and Mesoporous Catalysts Using a Tandem Micro Reactor-GC/MS

E. Ceotto
The Importance of Quantifying Soil Carbon Storage at Outset of Perennial Energy Crops: a Case Study.

T. Sabbagh Amirkhizi
Gas Electric Hybrid Heat Pumps – A Socio- and Private Economic Feasibility Study

D. D. Mehta, V. N. Urade, T. L. Marker, M.B. Linck, P. Ortiz-Toral, J. Wangerow, M. Rao, L. Domokos, A. del Paggio
Conversion of Mixed Organic Residue Feedstocks to Drop-In Hydrocarbon Fuels via the IH2® Technology – Process Development Trajectory