Awards for the best Visual Presentations 2017

Dimitrios Sidiras
University of Piraeus, Industrial Management and Technology, GREECE
Best Visual Presentation Awards 2017 Coordinator

The Poster Awards 2017 ceremony is one of the highlights of the Conference Closing, placing emphasis on the most outstanding Visual Presentations of each topic.

For the 25th EUBCE, Prof. Dimitrios Sidiras, University of Piraeus, Greece, Programme Committee member, will coordinate the review experts who will assess the quality of the poster contents reported and the quality of the graphic presentation. The awards will be announced on Thursday morning and delivered as part of the Conference Closing where the winners will be invited on stage with the winning posters projected simultaneously.
The winners of the awards will be announced with a dedicated email and with scrolling messages on the screens throughout the conference centre.

The Poster Awards 2017 Ceremony will take place during the Closing Session on Thursday, 12 June 2017.


Economic Evaluation of Bio-Waste Based Digestates as Influenced by Post-Treatment Methods
Felicitas BECHSTEIN, Institut für Agrar- und Stadtökologische Projekte an der Humboldt-Univ. zu Berlin, Food Technology Dpt., GERMANY
Co-authors: C.-L. Ross, V. Wilken, K. Sensel-Gunke, IASP, Berlin, GERMANY; M. Tietze, GICON, Dresden, GERMANY

Characterisation and Environmental Impact Assessment of Biomass Ash in Dependency of Combustion Conditions
Marija TRKMIC, HEP-Proizvodnja, CKTL Dpt., CROATIA
Co-authors: N. Kienzl, S. Retschitzegger, Bioenergy 2020+, Graz, AUSTRIA

Experimental Assessment of the Recovery of Valuable Hydrocarbons from Biomass/Waste Gasification Producer Gas
Berend VREUGDENHIL, Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands, Bio Energy & Efficiency, THE NETHERLANDS
Co-authors: A. Bos, G. Aranda Almansa, Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands, Petten, THE NETHERLANDS

Biomass Opportunities in Iron and Steel Making - Can biomass increase the competitiveness of this industry?

Hana MANDOVA, University of Leeds, School of Chemical and Process Engineering, UNITED KINGDOM

Co-authors: W. Gale, F. Muller, T. Cockerill, University of Leeds, Leeds, UNITED KINGDOM; A. Heyes, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM

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