Notes for Authors of Plenary, Oral and Visual Presentations

Please download here the detailed instructions for the preparation of your Plenary, Oral or Visual Presentation to be presented on site at the Conference in Stockholm.

Important note

The full paper is the most essential part of your contribution to the conference proceedings.

We therefore highly suggest that you submit the full paper of your presentation along with your slides of presentation / poster file.

These materials should be submitted online before the event or on-site during the conference by following the instructions available below.

Online submission for the Conference Proceedings

Since the first conference, the EUBCE Proceedings have delivered access to new R&D results, with a high level of scientific and technical quality. 
This year we are making an important improvement by including the proceedings in Scopus, the largest abstracts and citation database. The EUBCE proceedings are already included in WOS - Conference Proceedings Citation Index - Science, formerly ISI Proceedings (2014 edition).

A series of further measures have been implemented, aimed at maintaining and enhancing the status of the EUBCE Proceedings. These include:

  • Adoption of a full open access policy, so that the proceedings are fully searchable (and citable) online as soon as published
  • Use of all available media tools to underline the quality of the Proceedings, stressing the peer review of the extended abstracts and the technical review of all submitted papers
  • Previous  Online Proceedings have been submitted for indexing to the online research platform Google Scholar
  • The full papers of the Proceedings have already been indexed with digital object identifiers (DOI) since 2010.

To facilitate the procedure of delivery the manuscript the online file submission is open: the full papers (and poster and slide presentation files) can be uploaded in the dedicated user area on the EUBCE website.

Read here detailed instructions for preparation of Papers and delivery of files for the Conference Proceedings

We are looking forward to receive your full paper to ensure that the Proceedings are a full record of the conference and to increase the quality and relevance of the EUBCE Proceedings,

Thank you for your collaboration.

Kind regards,

Dr. Nicolae Scarlat
Technical Programme Chairman
European Commission, Joint Research Centre
Directorate for Energy, Transport and Climate

The online submission is open

Instructions for online submission

  • Go to the dedicated section in the user area of the EUBCE website and follow the step-bystep procedures provided.
  • The full paper (Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat PDF) and the poster files (Adobe Acrobat PDF) can be submitted online, together with the relative Copyright Transfer Agreement form duly filled and signed.
  • Authors that have more than one presentation (even different kinds of presentations, i.e. one Oral Presentation and one Poster Presentation) are kindly asked to upload at the same time all the files of the different sessions

Instructions for preparation of Papers and delivery of files for the Conference Proceedings

The Instructions below (for download) include important information on how to prepare and submit your papers. Please read the notes carefully, and follow them precisely. Your paper must be written in English. The layout of your paper should be exactly the same as the master document "Instructions for Preparation of Papers" below. To write your paper, save the document with a new name (use your session code as the name for the document) and use it as a guide and template. Substitute the text with the text of your paper without changing the layout. Do not change font type and size, line spacing, page margins and the structure of this document. Do not insert page numbers and page headers/footers.

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact Ms. Anna Salimbeni
Tel. +39 055 500 22 80 ext. 218

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