EUBCE 2019 National Committee

Status as of 12/02/2019

Committee Membership

Miguel Sales Dias, National Supporter, Member Board of Directors, Agency for Energy, ADENE
Luis Silva, Deputy National Supporter, Head of Sustainable Development Department, Agency for Energy, ADENE


Nelson Lage, Deputy of Secretary of State for Energy, Portuguese Republic
João Bernardo, Director General for Energy and Geology DGEG
Francisco Gírio, National Laboratory for Energy and Geology LNEG


Teresa Almeida, Biomass Centre for Energy, CBE
Carlos Alegria, Biomass-to-Energy Portuguese Association, APEB
Carlos Santos, National Association of Agencies for Energy and the Environment, RNAE


Ana Luísa Fernando, Faculty of Science and Technology – NOVA University of Lisbon, FCT/UNL
Clemente Pedro Nunes, Técnico – Engineering School – University of Lisbon, IST/UL
José Gaspar, Coimbra College of Agriculture – Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra, IPC/ESAC

EUBCE 2019 National Committee